Dissemination Workshops Were Held

Within the scope of "Technical Assistance for Developed Analytical Basis for Formulating Strategies and Actions towards Low Carbon Development", Dissemination Workshops under the component 1 were held on May 22 & 23 at Meyra Palace in Ankara.

Mr. Mehrali Ecer, Head of Climate Change Department in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, made the opening speech and commenced the workshop. Mr. Mykola Raptsun, the Team Leader of the project, took the floor to give brief information on the project and structure of component 1.

After the opening speeches were done by Mr. Ecer and Mr. Raptsun, Mrs. Aslı Özçelik, the Technical Lead of component 1, gave brief information on prepared reports and what TA team have done so far. The workshops were attended by the representatives of the project Beneficiary (MoEU), four target sectors ( waste, building, agriculture, and transportation), as well as the representatives of NGO's.

Following to Mrs. Özçelik's speech, both international and local experts made a presentation on specific sectors and answered related questions posed by the relevant stakeholders and participants.

During the workshops, which were carried out under four sessions, the results of each report produced within the component were shared with the related stakeholders and participants.

Some pictures from the workshops are attached below:

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