4th Working Group Workshop was held

Within the scope of "Technical Assistance for Developed Analytical Basis for Formulating Strategies and Actions towards Low Carbon Development", 4th Working Group Workshop under Component 1 was held on March 5, 2018 at Bilkent Hotel in Ankara, Turkey.

International and national experts delivered the presentations on legislative gap analysis to define the future scope of work to align Turkish legislation with the EU climate acquis. Also, extended survey of existent institutional framework was conducted with the purpose of improvement of institutional performance in the country in the area of climate mitigation and low carbon development.

In the afternoon session, round table discussions were held with the participation of project stakeholders from government, NGO's and businesses to receive their feedback, contributions and suggestions which will be incorporated in final version of Gap Analysis Report.

During the Workshop, stakeholders' feedback was received for Gap Analysis Report and SWOT analysis was conducted for each sector. Strengths & weaknesses of each sector and threats & opportunities towards Low Carbon Development were discussed.

Pictures related to the WG4 can be seen below. Please click here to see all other related pictures from our project activities.



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