The overall objective

To reduce anthropogenic GHG emissions to contribute to the global efforts to mitigate climate change in line with the scientific evidence.

The purpose of this project

To increase national and local capacity to prepare for medium and long term climate action towards climate resilient low-carbon development, which will gradually align with the  EU climate policy and legislation by providing an analytical basis to support realisation of low-carbon in the long-term, specifically focusing on cost effective climate change mitigation actions related to buildings, waste, transportation and agriculture sectors of NCCAP.

The expected overall results will be the following:

  • Result 1: Review of existing strategies in relation to Climate Change
  • Result 2: Preparation of regulatory and sectoral impact assessments for EU climate acquis
  • Result 3: Determination  of the costs and emission mitigation  potentials of the actions specified within the buildings, waste, transportation and agriculture sectors of the NCCAP
  • Result 4: Developing analytical  basis for possible strategies and actions ensuring  low carbon development in the long term